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Graphic Design Resources http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:51:24 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.3.1 Informative Parallax Effects Tutorials http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/informative-parallax-effects-tutorials/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/informative-parallax-effects-tutorials/#comments Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:51:24 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2397

For learning anything tutorials or proper guidance is required. Anything cannot be learnt totally without any guidance or help from someone who knows about it. Today we are talking about tutorials on parallax effects. In todays modern world animations and edited videos or photos have gained much popularity. They get as much attention as the real ones get.

If you are interested in mastering the parallax effects and you have option whether to go to a far tution centre and pay from your pocket; or there is another option to learn it without going anywhere or paying anything. Then for which option will you go? Obviously a sensible man would go the latter one. So by analyzing the popularity of parallax effects we decided to compile a list of top sites which are offering tutorials. It is our guarantee that you will not find any sub standard tutorials on these sites. The material will be useful and of top quality. Your response in the comments section will highly be appreciated.

1-Create a Realistic Camera Move with Parallax




2- Parallax Mapping Tutorial




3- jQuery Parallax Tutorial – Animated Header Background




4-Build a parallax scrolling website interface with jQuery and CSS




5- One Page Website, Vertical Parallax




6- tutplus



7- Web designer wall



8- Off the line



9- Piksite




10- Dezignus




11- Parallax




12- Plax




13- jParallax




14- Scrolldeck






15- Jquery Image Parallax


Jquery_Image_Parallax16- jQuery plugins


jQuery-Parallax-Slider17- Guy Vernes




18- Cultural solutions uk


cultural-solutions-uk19- Dezignus




20- rastapenatal






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15 great typography-based objects http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/15-great-typographybased-objects/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/15-great-typographybased-objects/#comments Sun, 22 Apr 2012 15:24:46 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2325

It is a little known but true fact that our mind has been programmed such that if our favourite words are written on an object then we automatically like the object due to the words written on it. let us take it this way, suppose you go to a store and see that your favourite quote is written on a wrist band or on a shirt then you will automatically be attracted towards that without really caring about the colour or quality of the product. If the words are written in a unique and beautiful way then their magic is much enhanced. This art is known as Typography.

So we have made a collection of such designs which you can put on your product to make people realize their worth. These designs can be painted or carved on mugs, T shirts, pants, bags, walls or even on your websites. If you have a business and want to attract public then you cannot get a better idea. Your response in the comments section will highly be appreciated.

1- bag with old fashion typography


beltbuckle-type2- bag with big type,


typography-rugs3- Cube 02 Font


cube-02-font4- Cube Font


cube-font5- Ovala Fontovala-font6- Orial


orial7- Typographic Portrait like Grammy’s Posters


Typographic Portrait like Grammy’s Posters

8- How to make a Typographic, Retro, Space Face

Typographic, Retro, Space Face
Mighty_Typography12- Gk
gk13- walee
walee14- buio
15- Red




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15-Friday Photography Inspiration http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/15friday-photography-inspiration/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/15friday-photography-inspiration/#comments Sun, 22 Apr 2012 14:52:21 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2258

From the very beginning of the art of photography, there are always some photographs which directly make a link to one’s heart. Today we are talking about the photos of nature or religion which makes one feel better by just looking at it. The popularity of such photos has remained on the peak in every culture. The main reason behind this popularity is their ability of refreshing the mind and soul of a person. Many of the photographs are taken in mosques from a decent angle to remind every muslim of their duty and many of the other ones are based on the beauty of nature.

So we have compiled a list of top photos by the name of Friday Photography Inspiration. You can set them as your desktop background, share them on facebook or even set as your cover photo on the timeline profile mode. We are pretty confident that most of you will like the following photos and appreciate them in the comments section.

1-cycle of life



2- prayer



3-end of the world



4- on the top

5- phantom of black sea


Phantoms of Black sea 6- sun sat

Viseu at dusk photo

7- The Alien World photo


The Alien World 8- Portrait


Portrait9- Rider of the Tempest


Rider of the Tempest10-Opposite direction


Opposite direction11- Bulgarian Grand Canyon II


Bulgarian Grand Canyon12- A train station


A train station13- North Beach Magic


North Beach Magic14- Rebirth


Rebirth15- Crater Lake

Crater Lake




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Responsive Design Trends for the Mobile Web http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/responsive-design-trends-mobile-web/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/responsive-design-trends-mobile-web/#comments Tue, 17 Apr 2012 15:49:54 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2944

As the time is passing new generations are coming, bringing new trends with them. Whether you look at clothes or any other thing you will notice that the trend is changing. Designs of everything are often being altered due to the changing demand of the public. The knowledge of latest ongoing trend is very important when you are doing such a work which requires gaining public’s attention. Same is case in web designing. You always need to be aware of the latest trends and design your product according to them because if your design is out of date then it will not do any good to your name or pocket.

Today we have a collection of the latest trends for mobile web. This collection is not only the latest but is also getting maximum positive response as compared to other mobile web designs. Your response will highly be appreciated.

1- Growth of the two-screen model


c-two-screen2- Social battles heat up


c-path3- Preview Mobile Design


responsive-mobile-design-preview4- Responsive ATX Web Show


responsive-atx-web-show5- Responsive Wedding


responsive-wedding6- HTML5 Responsive Web Layout


responsive-web-design-compass-demo7- Abberdein – Responsive Website


abberdein-responsive-layout8- Niagara Estate


niagara-estate9- Responsive layout – media queries


responsive-media-queries10- RevSystems Website Redesign







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18 Amazing textures http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/18-amazing-texture/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/18-amazing-texture/#comments Mon, 16 Apr 2012 14:49:11 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2564

If you are running a website or own a shop and want to get the attention of public then the most important thing for this purpose is to choose proper colors and texture. Logo and texture are two most important things which automatically convince the user or the customer to take a look at your product. There are different types of textures but nowadays nature based textures like rock, sand, wood, water and some other are gaining popularity. You can use these textures to set background on your website which will enhance its beauty. More over you can also set them as wallpaper on your smartphone or computer.

So for this purpose we have brought 18 most beautiful textures for you. You will surely understand the beauty which we are talking about after you scroll down and take a look at these textures. Your response will be highly appreciated.

1- Glass Texture



2- Texture


texture sirius

2- rock texture


rock texture3- Glowing Waters


glowing_waters texture4- Texture stock


texture_stock_15_by_ileva21-d4n5i3a5- Petrified Wood


petrified6- light streaks


christmas_light_streaks_by_thinminmeg7- Broken Glass


broken glass8- Red bubbles


texture_red_bubbles_by_i_see_faces9- Clay


texture_clay_by_i_see_faces-10- Cracked Beachwood


cracked_beachwood_by_somadjinn11- Red Space Texture Background


space12- Irregular blue glass texture


blue glass13- Wooden Weave


wooden-weave-texture14- Leaf-texture


Leaf-texture15- Bokeh Abstract


bokeh abstract16- Cardboard thumb


cardboard_thumb17- Abstract Background  Orange


orange18- Leaf texture




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Amazing & Cool Web Development Tutorials http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/amazing-cool-web-development-tutorials/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/amazing-cool-web-development-tutorials/#comments Sun, 15 Apr 2012 06:14:18 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2884

Web development is not an easy task. It a serious business and cannot be learnt without proper guidance or tutorials. Nowadays as the web development is getting popular many academies have started to offer 2 or 3 months tutorials with a reasonable fee. But it will be more convenient for you if you can somehow manage to learn web development at home or anywhere you want.

There are a very large number of websites which are offering free tutorials of web development. But all of them do not make you learn the real and quality stuff. So we by understanding your need have compiled a list of websites which will teach you and make you a veteran web developer in a very less time. The teaching methodology is slow and practical so that you are able to understand fully. The main advantage of these websites is that whichever point is confusing you; you can rewind and watch it again.

1- Sanke


Sanke2- Encoding a Photoshop Mockup


Encoding a Photoshop Mockup3-Grunge Web Design from Scratch





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Smoke Brushes for Photoshop http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/smoke-brushes-photoshop/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/smoke-brushes-photoshop/#comments Sun, 15 Apr 2012 02:41:08 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2891

A few years back it was believed that brushes are the need of only amateur photographers and web designers. But with the passage of time this view has totally been changed and now a set of brushers is very important for every photographer and web designer to make their work look more professional. If you want to add mysterious fantasy type thing or to draw a non existing glowing idea then our list of brushes is the most helpful thing that you will find.

Nowadays internet has provided us access to almost everything. We can easily search a set of smoke brushes for photoshop but who will guarantee you that these brushes have the quality that you are expecting? We by understanding your need have compiled a set of the most awesome and excellent smoke brushes. After using these brushes you will surely be able to understand the awesomeness and the high quality which we are talking about.

1-digital Smoke


free-smoke-photoshop-brushes2- Abstract Smoke Brushes


free-smoke-photoshop-brushes3- RevnartSmoke


free-smoke-photoshop-brushes4-Real Smoke Photoshop Brushes


free-smoke-photoshop-brushes5- Fire Brushes


free-smoke-photoshop-brushes6- Smoke Brush Set


smoke-brush-set7- Smoke Brush


smoke-brush8- Smoke Brush Set


smoke-brush-set9- Smoke Brushes


smoke-brushes10-  Smoke Brush Set


smoke-brush-Set11- Simple Smoke Wisps Brush Pack


simple-smoke-wisps12- Smoke Brushes




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Best List of Design Tools For Web Designers http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/list-design-tools-web-designers/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/list-design-tools-web-designers/#comments Sun, 15 Apr 2012 01:55:40 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2906

To do any work excellently experts are required. If an expert carpenter goes to fix a door without his best tools then will he be able to fix the door properly? The answer is no. The same thing applies to all types of work including web designing.

Web designing is a very difficult task because it needs much experience to understand the needs of the customers. There are many softwares by using which web designers are able satisfy their customers. But the search for best software never stops. Web designing softwares mean much to the designers because if you ask a professional and experienced web designer to do some work for you without providing him with his best tools then he will never be able to deliver a good result.

So today we have prepared for you a list of best Web Designer Tools by downloading which you will get guaranteed assistance with your work and you will be able to do it expertly in lesser time.

1- Gimp


Gimp2- Get Firebug


firebug3- Icon Finder


iconfinder4- coda


coda5-  Inkscape


inkscape6- Lumzy


Lumzy_thumb7- User Interface Design Framework


User-Interface-Design-Framework_thumb8- Android Asset Studio


Android-Asset-Studio_thumb9- Chrome Ajax Animator Tool


html5-ajax-animator10- 0 to 255


50app_2311- 4096 Color Wheels


colorwheels12- Color Palette Generator


colorplatgen13- ColorJack


colorjack14- Pic2Color


pic2color15- Color Schemer Online v2






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Cool & Fresh Logo Design http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/cool-fresh-logo-design/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/cool-fresh-logo-design/#comments Sat, 14 Apr 2012 13:25:51 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2760

Suppose you are new in town and there are two grocery stores nearby. One has beautiful presentation but the other has not focused on the presentation. Then which store you would like to go first? Obviously the first one.

The above lines were to tell you that how important the presentation is when you want the public to visit. When we talk about websites the first thing from which people take an impression is the Logo Design. It’s a saying that “First Impression is the Last Impression”, and the first thing that attract people is the logo design. If Pepsi or any other famous company re designs its logo and the new logo turns out to be unattractive one then it will surely turn the direction of the sales graph towards the zero level.

Today we have some very fresh and new logos for you. If you want a new logo for your product then you must scroll down so that your mind gets to know the latest style and colors.

1-Boss hog studio


2- vividways


vividways3- adika



4- adam clark

adam clark5-Coffee

coffee6- Fiammiferi

fiammiferi7- Lusso Logo

lusso8- Ed Gphlich

ed-gohlich-photographer9- ABC International

abc10- Maingate

main-gate11- Luxury Life

luxury-life12- Ashley Marriott

ashlry13- IBP Media

ibp-media14- Gas

gas15- Adipe

adipe16- RUNEIT





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Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/photoshop-text-effects-tutorials/ http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/photoshop-text-effects-tutorials/#comments Mon, 02 Apr 2012 17:37:01 +0000 haroon http://www.cafe4fun.com/blog/?p=2636

Photoshop is one of the best photo editing software in the industry. It produces sleek, stylish and amazing images. It is used to edit pictures, edit and create new art and designing websites, pamphlets, posters and logos. There is one thing that most professionals ponder on the most while making any of the mentioned things and it is text style! There are already hundreds of font choices that can be made in Photoshop but text effects are something completely different.

Text Effects actually change the style of presentation of text rather than changing the font. This makes them extremely useful when you are looking for a completely new concept while making a logo or poster. So, to make you guys literate about some of the best text effects that are there in the market, we have posted a list of most popular text effects below. Do let us know in comments if you want to see more of these!

1- Layered Glowing Text Effect


photoshop-tutorials2- Colored Chrome Text Effect


photoshop-tutorials3- Abstract Wireframe Text Effect


photoshop-tutorials4- Glassy 3D Typography in Photoshop


photoshop-tutorials5- Text Effects 3D Magnetic


3D a6- Light and Shade to Bring Text


photoshop-tutorials7- 3D Love text composition


photoshop-tutorials8- Wave’s text effect


photoshop-tutorials9- Steam Powered


final10- Colorful Light Burst


light burst11- 3D Flowery Text Effect


enlarge12- Unique Burning Text Effect


hot13- Peace


peace14- Watery


Watery15- Luminous Glass


Luminous Glass16- Destructive Black and White Lettering with a Dramatic Splash Effect


fina17- Jelly Fish Delight


kingtut18- Spectacular Style Text Effect


style19- Hell of Tutorial


hell20- Linked Letters


linked-letters21- Decorating Text


decorating-text22- Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography


frilly-bits23- Pop Text Effect


vibrant24- Creating the Sky Logo


sky-logo25- Reflective liquid type


splat26- 3D texture




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