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              The South Korean government to their troubled shipyard custom-made 61 ships
              According to "trade wind" news, the South Korean government will provide funds, new ship contract form domestic shipyard, the government disclosed that the plan in the domestic shipyard custom-made 61 ships stranded. However, when the budget was released last Friday, details of the type of ship were not disclosed. ?

              The newspaper also quoted an industry source said the second quarter, the South Korean shipbuilding industry profits are likely to decline. The industry said, Hyundai and Daewoo shipbuilding, Samsung heavy industry revenue will not pick up. Hyundai Heavy industry revenue is expected to be between 4 billion won to 62 billion won, the first quarter earnings of 325 billion won. Total revenue will be less voluntary retirement funds 200 billion won. Samsung is expected to have about 172 billion won and 44 billion won the loss of revenue, Daewoo will continue to lose money. : not consider Korea's central bank cut interest rates to zero

              The Reuters reported on Wednesday, South Korea's central bank official said, at present does not consider South Korea's central bank cut interest rates to zero, because the central bank needs to provide support for the ongoing restructuring of enterprises like a raging fire to keep a certain policy space. "Market turmoil in the case of the South Korean Central Bank need to carry out a more stringent review of foreign capital. On the surface, it seems that we are too slow to react, but in fact there are a lot of things that we have to consider." ?

              Li Zhulie said the central bank to change the current 1.25% historical position of interest rate policy needs to consider such as economic growth, financial situation, the shipbuilding industry, such as the specific conditions of the reorganization. ?

              Faced with huge losses, South Korean shipping companies are taking a series of restructuring measures, in accordance with the restructuring plan, the three ship enterprises will be in the next two and a half years total production capacity of 20%, and reduce the total number of employees 30%. ?

              "This year, the job market conditions are deteriorating, especially for young people," said Eon-seog Song, deputy finance minister. Restructuring unemployment, like the shipbuilding industry, is expected to rise." South Korea plans to the Industrial Bank of Korea and the Republic of Korea import and export bank, the two major shipbuilding and ship owners to invest 1.4 billion won. The money will also be used in the re employment of laid-off workers in the shipyard. At the same time, the government is waiting for Congress to approve an additional budget of 11 trillion won ($9 billion 680 million) to deal with corporate restructuring or the impact on the economy. ?

              Li Zhulie said the South Korean Central Bank's policy will focus on how to support economic growth, rather than maintaining price stability, because the current South Korean economy does not show the risk of rapid inflation. ?

              Li Zhulie had just participated in July 23rd to 24 in Chengdu held Chinese G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, the ministers said they would support the growth of the global economy, sharing trade results, at the same time share the adverse effects of a British exit. He also said that since the monetary and fiscal policy in improving the economic situation is increasingly ineffective, the rise of Global trade protectionism. And on the loose monetary policy, Li Zhulie said, the central bank has issued a warning to call for not to take excessive loose monetary policy." ?

              The G20 meeting for the hot helicopter spread money policy also made a discussion. The discussion results denied the possibility at present the implementation of the policy, also said that in the global scope, "helicopter money" does not have legitimacy, because the central bank will become the financial dependency, loss of independence.
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